Everything you need to know about Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a deeply unique experience for every woman, and finding the right prenatal yoga class in London to best support you is especially important. Whether you’ve dabbled in the odd yoga class, are a seasoned yogi or have literally never unrolled a yoga mat prior to your pregnancy, prenatal yoga classes at Yogarise are accessible to all mums-to-be. We are proud to have a wonderful team of talented pregnancy yoga teachers in Peckham and Streatham here to guide you through mindful yoga classes that benefit you and your baby.

Why is prenatal yoga important for mums-to-be and what are the benefits for pregnant women?

Claire:  It’s a place of community to nurture women during this special time of transition, where you can build connections with yourself, your baby and other local women.  As well as the community element, pregnancy yoga is a specialist form of yoga, specifically designed to support you as your body changes day by day. It helps you to adapt to the needs of your body as well as being emotional support.  Practising yoga helps you to let go and accept the changes. 

Lisa lists some great benefits:

  • Helps relieve common minor ailments (e.g backache, shoulder strain, hip discomfort, swollen joints, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, tiredness etc)
  • Can be used to relieve pain in labour and childbirth, prepares you for active and natural birth, helps postnatal recovery
  • Keeps your body supple and improves your alignment and posture
  • Helps you feel positive, confident and empowered
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Promotes restful sleep

What is the key difference between prenatal yoga and regular yoga classes?

Chloe: One difference is the pace, which is slower than some dynamic classes. Pregnancy yoga has an emphasis on slowing down to honour the changes taking place in terms of body, brain, identity, to listening in and practising awareness around these changes in preparation for what’s to come. Instead of practicing a strong and sweaty flow or pushing into flexibility, pregnancy yoga aims to build strength progressively, relieve aches and pains from hormonal changes and the changing shape and alignment of the body and practicing containment, not extremities, in poses. There are also certain poses that are left out of pregnancy classes, for example, deep backbends (which can place undue stress on the lower back and abdominal tissue) or arm balances, for obvious reasons!

What can a student expect in prenatal yoga class?

Lisa: All prenatal yoga teachers have undergone specialist training to give you the best experience and safe practice. We chat about all things related to pregnancy, birth, labour and being a new mum, something we cannot offer in regular classes. Classes include women at all stages of pregnancy, from 15 weeks to birth and so the class offers a variety of options for mothers-to-be to practice.

Claire: We practice in a circle, to build community and welcome all the women in, and start class with introductions – names, number of weeks pregnant, and anything we need to know or anything you have going on in your body. 

Chloe: Breath practice and meditation; movement and flow tailored to the pregnant body; relaxation and rest to help manage fatigue during pregnancy, as your body quietly builds another human!

Do you have to have done yoga previously to come to a prenatal yoga class at Yogarise?

Chloe: Definitely not – in fact, pregnancy is a wonderful time to start yoga. For many women, pregnancy yoga can be the start of their relationship with yoga that continues way beyond pregnancy. All classes are accessible and so beneficial to pregnant women that you’re unlikely to ever regret coming to a yoga class!

Prenatal Yoga

You can find our Prenatal Teachers and classes at Yogarise Peckham and Streatham. 

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If you’re looking for pregnancy yoga classes in London, you know where to find us!