Moving into Winter, One Step at a Time

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Conker-hunts, Netflix nights in, kicking leaves in the park and digging out our fave winter woollies sounds pretty idyllic, but sometimes moving from one season to the next can feel a tad unsettling. Here are a few ways in which we love to enjoy the cooler months – you can thank us later.

Warm up from within

Warm up from within

Forget smoothies and salads – feast on hearty soups, nourishing stews and roasted veggies instead. According to Ayurveda, autumn/winter is the time to seek out warm, comforting food that fuels the body and supports the immune system. Why not pick up a chai-latte from our cafe in Peckham? We also love making our own turmeric lattes and lemon-and-ginger tea. Tea-licious.

Get grounded

Can’t make it to the studio? Here are some tips for yoga poses you can try at home.

Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic therapist, Lolo Lam, recommends any kind of grounding pose. As we move from summer (pitta: the fire element) to the cold of winter (vata: the air element), we can look to forward bends, pigeon and other seated folds. “The air element is erratic and mobile,” says Lolo, “so we need to ground and stabilise.”

Restorative Yoga teacher Rishin Paonaskar suggests trying a supported fish pose or reclined butterfly, both propped with a bolster. “Restorative takes a little longer to set up, but it’s worth the effort once you’re there.” The practice can help create a deep sense of openness and relaxation, while at the same time feeling supported and held – an opportunity to embrace the new. 

Embrace the Hygge Hype

Embrace the Hygge Hype

Back in 2016, everyone went wild for the Danish art of ‘hygge’ (defined as a warm atmosphere or mood of cosiness), swiftly followed by ‘lykke’ (happiness) and ‘lagom’ (sufficiency). Channel your favourite Scandi buzzword and appreciate winter’s sense of contentment – whether you prefer to snuggle under your duvet with a good book, or warm up at the yoga studio in Peckham and Streatham. Create your own hygge-induced happiness and take a moment to breathe it all in.

Slow down and reconnect

Want to switch up your yoga for winter? Perhaps you’re fixed on a fave yoga sequence like Rocket or Ashtanga and that’s totally your thing, but the start of a new season can be a great chance for change. By connecting to this sense of openness and tuning in to what our bodies need, we might discover alternative yoga practices that can benefit us. Mindful Flow with Tom or Chloe, Gentle Hatha Flow (Anusara-inspired) with Katy, Yin with Emma Peel, Yin-Yang with Lolo or a Restorative session with Adrianna are some interesting yoga class ideas to explore this winter.

Come and visit us at Yogarise in Peckham Rye’s legendary Bussey Building or our yoga studio in Streatham High Road. Founded in 2014, we offer a wide range of daily classes with some of London’s top teachers. Check out our website to see our yoga class timetable and workshops schedule, or to make a booking enquiry.